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Whole Frozen Turkey

Whole Frozen Turkey

$5.00/lb. Avg. 14lb .
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Let one of our free-range turkeys be the centerpiece at your holiday feast!

Our turkeys are 100% free-range and fed non-GMO locally-grown and milled grain. In addition to fresh pasture, they spend a great deal of time in our apple orchard–consuming fallen apples, bugs and other tasty treats. 

Since our birds live on pasture and their muscles get a lot of use, they tend to have slightly more texture than those raised in confinement. Plus, did you know that most turkeys you buy in the store are already injected with a tenderizer solution? Make the most out of your bird by brining it before-hand. Use a simple brine solution of equal parts salt and sugar and as much water as needed to cover, or get creative with this recipe

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Size Ranges: 12-15#

Payment: $5.00/lb